Gamers can be...

Duxter provides...


Gamers want to be social. 98% of Gamers use social media. However, current social media sites shun Gamers and game sites are too niche or poorly built.

A home

A social media portal, which embraces Gamers and their Gamer life, while giving Gamers a robust platform to engage with.

Fenced in

Game networks are walled gardens; stats, friends and achievements live across multiple devices and portals.

An open platform

Gives Gamers a universal game profile that aggregates all gameplay history, achievements and friends into one centralized place.


Games, clothing, accessories and cool gamer gear are scattered across the web making it extremely difficult to discover the latest and greatest.

A one-stop shop

A Gamer-centric store that brings in big box retailers as well as niche and custom providers all in one place.


Gamers bounce around from service to service, game to game, trying to find the next best thing.


A valued customer rewards program, which keeps Gamers returning while they receive discounts and incentives for trying new games or purchasing cool gear.


There are limits on who Gamers can play with. Players want to play and interact with others.


Access to the people Gamers want to play with -- their existing offline friends, online friends and even other players they haven't met who just want to play.